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Lotto007 Prediction Expert 2019

Lotto007 Prediction works with all pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 or pick 7 lotteries
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Lotto Prediction Expert is a statistical tool of probability to predict the outcome of the Lotto results of included lotteries based on mathematical calculations. It has a very simple interface and maintains the list of drawings with dependence on online updates and downloads for processing. It comes with a list of 100 lotteries and allows additions to the list. It also supports Lotto with Bonus and No Bonus.

The version available for download is a trial version and does not allow any major functionality of drawing updates or Predictions, applicable to the software. It allows adding the lotto numbers for a particular date either manually or through import of text file. The files can also be exported from the software as a text file.

The interface is simple and easy to use and supports 4, 5, 6, or7 picks. Buying of the software entitles the user for free online updates of the 100 popular lotteries distributed across various countries like United States Canada, Australia etc

Functionality revolves around input of current drawing and predicts the next drawing. It also supports analyzing the previous drawing with the current drawing.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports more than 100 lotteries with free updates on purchase
  • Lotto Drawing can be done for 4, 5, 6 or 7 Picks
  • Analysis of Previous drawing with current drawing supported
  • Simple and easy to use Interface


  • Trial Version
  • Test of basic functionality unavailable in Trial Version
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